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When you join a job portal the gateway to a thousand jobs and opportunities opens up. You are able to find a job in your desired field and industry but this procedure takes up a lot of time. So if you are in hurry then how to search a job? Well, in such a situation you can perform advanced search.

Advanced search

Advanced search gives you a variety of options to perform a job search. For example you can choose one from the following –

  • Full-time

  • Internship

  • Walk-in

It further allows you to fill-in the following options –

  • Desired Skill

  • Desired Location

  • Functional area where you want to work

  • The industry where you want to work

  • The work experience the job requires

  • If you choose to go for a walk-in, it gives you an option of choosing the walk-in type. That is, you get to select from the following options –

  1. This week

  2. This month

  3. Next week

  4. Custom range

Now the basic difference between a simple job search and an advanced job search is that in a simple job search you do not get to input so many options. Whereas in an advanced search you get to input more options – this means that with advanced search you will exactly get the type of jobs that you’re looking for. This will save you a lot of time and effort in finding the perfect job, and you’ll be able to search thousands of jobs by company, skills, location etc.

Advantages of performing advanced search for your desired job –

  • Provides you with the most accurate jobs

  • Saves you a lot of time

  • It is a very convenient form of job search

  • Wider search results

  • Free of cost

So if you already haven’t registered then just create an account with PeelJobs to perform advanced search for your desired skills and location.

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