How to exhibit your skill-set during an interview?

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Whenever you appear for an interview you are there to sell yourself to the interviewer. Therefore, you should make sure that you present a pitch that convinces the interviewer of your abilities. One good way of convincing the interviewer that you’re the right candidate for the job is to showcase your skills. Now your skill-set may include your industry skills as well as your soft skills. You should know how to present these skills at an interview.

First, let us discuss soft skills. Soft skills include attitude, communication skills, time management, critical thinking etc. Soft skills play a major role in hiring decisions. So how do you demonstrate them during an interview process? Well, this is how you can demonstrate your soft skills at an interview –

Display your commitment towards your work

Make sure to throw sufficient light on how important the company’s values and mission are to you and how you’re willing to go the extra mile to help the company succeed. Ensure that you prove that you have a strong work ethic by giving examples of your past work experiences. Describe how to complete projects efficiently and on time. Also, highlight how your persistence and go-getter attitude helps you succeed.

Positive attitude

A positive attitude is something that can be displayed only through the power off your words. Some people are naturally upbeat and positivity is something that comes naturally to the. Others that are low key can demonstrate it by shaking the hand of the interviewer firmly or by maintaining regular eye-contact.

Communication skills

Interviews are an opportunity for you to demonstrate how well you can communicate. Make sure that your answers are concise and to the point. Do not beat around the bush, brevity is an important part of good communication. Also, make sure that you listen to the interviewer carefully.


Self-confidence is something that all interviewers look for in a candidate. You demonstrate self-confidence at the interview process by the way you present yourself. Dress formally, sit properly and make sure that you do not forget the importance of non-verbal way of communication.

Coming to your industry skills, here is how you can showcase them during an interview process –

Mention you skills

One of the easiest ways to showcase your industry skills during an interview process is to mention them when the interviewer asks you questions such as – what are your capabilities. Use this opportunity to highlight your skills and how these skills can be helpful to the job you’re interviewing for.

Show, don’t tell

There is a huge difference between showing off your skills and mentioning them. Make sure it is not the former one. Mention your skills but in a subtle way so that it doesn’t look as if you’re showing them off.

Ask questions

Ask questions that pertain to your skills. This will not just demonstrate your skills but also your deep knowledge of the industry process.

Be comfortable

Be comfortable during the interview. This will display your self-confidence and your self-belief in your skills and capabilities.

Use the above-listed ways to showcase your soft skills and industry skills at an interview and increase your chances of getting hired. So choose your preferred jobs from the many jobs listed at Peeljobs and appear with full confidence for the interview rounds.

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