How to maintain eye contact during an interview?

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It is a known fact that if you want to land your dream job you are required to perform extremely well during the interview round. Performing well during an interview involves the role of both forms of communication - verbal and non-verbal. Many a times candidates tend to ignore the non-verbal form of communication, but every job seeker must keep in mind that it is as important as the words that come out of your mouth. Your body language, your gestures and your ability to maintain eye contact with the interviewer matter more than you think. A negative body language shows that you're under confident and dis-interested in the entire interview process. So if the interviewer asks you some question and you look here and there while giving an answer, it will turn the recruiter against you. On the other hand, if you maintain a sustained eye contact with the interviewer he will be impressed by the way you are trying to form a connection with him in a non-verbal manner.

Let us now have a look at a few ways by which you can maintain eye contact with the interviewer throughout the interview process, without it looking awkward.

Start with the handshake


Start early! It is important to start maintaining an eye contact with your interviewer from the very beginning. Start with the handshake. Look into the interviewer's eyes while shaking his hand. In other words - smile warmly and catch his eyes! Win him over by projecting confidence.

Maintain eye contact during the entire conversation

Maintain eye contact as you listen to the questions your interviewer asks. If you look away if will appear that you are inattentive and disinterested. This will turn the interviewer against you. Further, while maintaining the eye contact keep a positive expression on your face.

Don't stare

Maintain an eye contact with the interviewer but do not stare at him fixedly. Doing so shall make him uncomfortable and the entire process awkward. Maintain eye contact in a natural and friendly manner. Look away briefly when you have to pause before answering a question. Reconnect strongly once you begin to speak.



Many times you are interviewed by more than one person. In such a situation make use of the lighthouse technique. Spread your attention and eye contact from one end of the interview panel to another. In other words, look at each person in turns through your answer. But in case you are uncomfortable doing so, maintain eye contact with the person who has asked you the question.

Emphasize important points

At many points during the interview process topics will come up that you would like to emphasize. This may be previous work experience or some of your achievements. Therefore while speaking these points make intense eye contact. The recruiter should be able to see your hunger for the job reflecting in your eyes. This will enable the hiring manager to see your sincerity and passion.

Take care of the above-listed points to improve your non-verbal communication effectively.

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