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The advancements in the field of digital media and the power of internet are the biggest tools in the hands of today’s generation. With the help of these two you can access news, general info and even job postings. Now if you’ve been following our blog regularly then you might have come across posts in which we have highlighted the importance of joining a job portal. Summarizing our previous posts we would like to say that job portals provide you access to a plethora of job openings in diverse fields. Sometimes you come across the jobs of your liking and at other times you don’t. But what if you have friends who are looking for a job in a particular field and you come across an amazing job opening in that field through your profile on the job portal? How will you inform your friend about it? One simple way is that you can give a call to your friend and inform him about the opening so that he can apply to it through his profile. Now this is a way but is it the smartest way considering the advanced digital age that we are living in? The plain answer to this question is a big – No!

So now the question is that how should one use the power of digital media to inform their friends about a job opening in a field that interests their friends?

Now before answering this question we would like to ask you readers that how many of you are active on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and LinkedIn? Out of 10 at least 8 people have their presence on the social networking sites in today’s time. It is needless to say that social media forms a very important part of our life and we log on to these sites several times in a day, isn’t it? So what if you could share the latest job openings with all your friends through social networking sites? It would be amazing, isn’t it? Well, this thought has been converted into action by PeelJobs. Through PeelJobs you can share job details or a job opportunity with your friends on the social networking sites, and this is also the answer to the question – “how should one use the power of digital media to inform their friends about a job opening in a field that interests their friends?”

Not just this, apart from job sharing in social networking sites you can also email job applications directly to the inbox of your friends. While sharing the jobs on the social media sites you can also tag your friends so that they come to know about the job opening easily and can apply for it instantly.


Benefits of sharing the jobs on social networking sites –

  • Keeps your friends updated about the latest openings

  • Keeps you also well informed

  • Creates a harmonic environment in which if you’re helping out your friends then tomorrow they might also help you out by sharing a particular job with you

Apart from the candidates the recruiters can also share the jobs on social networking sites to leverage the following positive effects –

  • Posting a job on social media increases its visibility as thousands of people are able to view it

  • Increases the quality of hire as people who frequently use social media are tech savvy and innovation. Hence, they are in huge demand in the market nowadays.

  • Raises your brand’s awareness

  • Improves referrals

  • Reduces the cost to hire to zero

  • Encourages engagement

  • Inspires your current employees to share the job posted on the company’s page to some other person’s profile

So log in to your PeelJobs account and start sharing job openings with your friends by utilizing the power of digital media and the internet, and for those who haven’t created an account with us yet, click here to create one. (It only takes a few minutes!)

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