Things every recruiter needs to do before posting a job

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The process of hiring the right candidate can at times be a very complex process. But to reduce the complexity of this process, recruiters can follow certain steps or guidelines before they post a job on the online job portals. In recruitment processes there are a lot of details that go behind hiring the right candidate. And once all these details have been identified, the search for the right person begins. However, most of the times it is difficult to make these determinations as the hiring process is not divided into steps. On that note, today we have laid down a few steps that recruiters need to follow before posting a job, in order to make the hiring process quite a simple affair for them rather than a highly complex one that leads to not so good results.

Document the profile expectations clearly

Document the profile

The very first thing that you need to do is to set the expectations for the role. You need to have a clear idea of what you are looking for so that you know it when you come across the right candidate. So after a proper discussion with your team lay down all the requirements for the job such as – experience, salary, skills, working hours etc. In other words, before just going out there and posting a job, you need to have a proper job description in hand. Apart from looking into the skills and the experience of candidates, you need to specify other criteria such as – job deadline/timeline to hire for the position or evaluation criteria (telephonic interview, online assignments etc.) too. Hence, overall you need to do all the home-work and plan-out everything beforehand so that when you post the job on the portal, you know that you’ll be receiving the resumes or profiles of the right candidates by its means.

Think about the long-run

Think about the long-run

The role of a recruiter doesn’t end at posting a job description and hiring a candidate. The real role of the recruiter remains intact even after that because he needs to plan out the growth opportunities of the role that he is hiring for. So before you go to a portal and post a job, plan for the future growth of the role within the company. Also, specify the growth potential involved in the job, to the candidates that you interview. Create a plan for each role that want to post online by answering the following questions –

-Where do you see this role in a period of say six to nine months?

-What iterations or growth spurts could this role take on?

-What does the career trajectory look like, for someone in this particular role or function?

Create an interview curriculum

Create an interview curriculum

Another thing that you need to do before posting the job online - is to create a path for a step-wise interview curriculum. You need to decide how many rounds are going to be there for the screening of the right candidate, and how the interview process will be – is it going to be telephonic or will it involve online assignments etc. In other words, break the interview process into smaller, structured pieces. Apart from this, ensure clarity throughout the interview process, right from the telephonic round to the final face to face interview round. And this is something which you shouldn’t do after having posted the job and started the recruitment process. This is something that you must do before posting the job on the online portals. If you’ll have a plan before-hand about how you are going to go about with things, then the process of recruitment will become very easy for you. On the other hand if you don’t plan all this in advance then the entire process shall become messed-up and complex.

Choose the right portal

Choose the right portal

Choosing the right job portal is also extremely necessary in the selection process of the right candidate. We would recommend you to go with free job portals where online job posting doesn’t cost you any money. PeelJobs is one such portal where you can posts unlimited jobs for free and it has also made candidate tracking possible by allowing the recruiters to track the status of the candidate from the dashboard itself.

So just follow these four steps before posting a job on the job portals to increase your chances of selecting the right candidate, substantially.

Category : Recruitment

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