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When it comes to laying down a definition for recruitment software and its functionality one can say that a recruitment software or staffing software helps to make the process of recruitment simpler, less manual and highly productive by reducing the expenditure involved in the process. It maximizes the productivity by eliminating the need for data entry and other such non-productive tasks. With the help of recruitment software, a company’s staffing needs reduce and moreover the whole process becomes organized.

Now when it comes to choosing a recruitment software for your organization, you must keep some factors in mind such as the size of your organization, and of course your requirements. And on the basis of these, you must choose one amongst the top 10 recruiting tools available. Now, today we have compiled a list of top 10 hiring software’s for you, but in case you are a small organization who is looking for a free recruiting software then do not forget to check out our post on best-recruiting software that is entirely free of cost. So without further delay let us have a look at the some of the finest staffing software available in the market.


  • This is one of the most affordable and finest recruitment software that is available for small firms.

  • It can work in stand-alone, multi-user, or multi-office environment.

  • It allows you to track candidates resume, and also manage jobs.

  • Other features include client management, web posting, calendar management, integrated company management etc.

  • It is available in two versions.


  • This software is available in three different editions. Agency for start-up businesses, Corporate and Enterprise.

  • It facilitates the management of the placement process with the help of instant web integration.

  • This software stands out amongst the rest because of its advanced features such as CV parsing and candidate curtaining.


  • The biggest advantage with this software is that it is fully customizable.

  • It tracks the profiles of applicants and automatically matches them with the respective job openings.

  • It comes with features such as data management and resume parsing, integrated with Outlook.

Bullhorn on Demand

  • This is one of the most popular recruiting software present in the market.

  • It is quite swift in filling job orders.

  • Its biggest advantage is that it can fill-up job orders in real time and meet the increasing employment demands.


  • This Software is best for mid and large business organizations.

  • It comes along with features such as applicant tracking, on-boarding and employee performance management.

BOND Adapt

  • This is a powerful tool that is favorable for companies of all sizes.

  • Loaded with a bunch of features, it serves well in meeting your expectations.


  • This is an e-recruiting solution that is designed for mid-sized organizations.

  • It has a career portal and a highly interactive job board.

  • It also comes with an Application tracking system (ATS), which makes the work easier.

  • Its most unique feature is its Automated Search Engine Optimization.

  • It also has a back office suite that helps in keeping touch with the clients and the candidates.

Ultra staff

  • This software is highly popular in North America and Europe.

  • It offers distinct paths for contract staffing and direct hire placement.

  • It covers everything with a single database and provides total integration.


  • This software simplifies the recruitment process to quite an extent.

  • It can also perform extensive searches. It can search emails, files, folders and even attachments.

  • This makes it extremely easy to search the potential employees with the required experience and skill.


  • This is an Internet-based Application tracking system (ATS)

  • It offers a suite of tools that helps to integrate and manage talent recruitment and retention.

  • It also provides a customizable talent management framework to find and hire the best talents in the industry.

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