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Are you a fresher who is looking for a job but is still confused about which job to choose? Well, worry no more because today we have listed down the top jobs for freshers. These fresher jobs are so popular and so in demand that you can find one in your preferred location. This means that you can hunt for jobs in Hyderabad or fresher jobs in Bangalore and in other cities, in the field of your choice, quite easily. The list that we present to you today includes the latest jobs and the topmost jobs in the country. So without further ado, scroll down and find your dream job.

Software Engineer

A software engineer contributes his skills in the design, development, testing and evaluation of Software’s. This is one of the highest paying jobs in the market.

This job is ideal for engineers who like to apply their knowledge of computer science to develop software products that meet the needs of the customers.

PHP Developer

PHP is a server-side scripting language that is mainly used for web development but also used as a programming language. The primary role of PHP developers is to develop programs, applications and websites using PHP.

Choosing this career path can be of great benefit to you because of the huge developments going on in the online world. Everything has become online now and this phenomenon is here to stay for a very long time. All these factors have caused an increase in demand for PHP developers with companies offering job opportunities to freshers at lucrative compensation.

Business Development Executive

The role of a business development executive is to contribute in the growth of business by continuously pitching products and services to the customers and following up with them. It also involves maintenance of sales data, regular cold calling and email marketing.

If you think that you have a flair for business development through strenuous sales and marketing and if you have patience and good convincing power, then you can kick-start your career with this role and build it up gradually.

Web Designer

Out of all the jobs that we have listed out for freshers today, this has to be the most interesting one. And we say so because a Web designer is expected to be both creative as well as technically inclined to build up a website from scratch or re-design it. Apart from this, this career option has huge scope because of the trending e-commerce businesses.

So if you think that your mind is both creative as well as technical and would find building up businesses online extremely interesting, then you should apply for a job in this field.

Business Analyst

The work of a business analyst is to analyse the business of an organization and document the results obtained from it. This role involves a lot of strategic thinking as a business analyst acts as a bridge between business problems and technology solutions.

If going into the details of a particular business, pointing out the loopholes in its processes and documenting a solution for it is something that interests you, then you should build a career as a business analyst.

Android/iOS Developer

In just a few years mobile applications have become very popular. The Google playstore and the iTunes store are full of Applications that make life convenient and easy. And every day new Apps are being launched in the market. This makes the job of an android/iOS developer quite a demanding and interesting one.

So lay the foundation of your career as an Android/iOS developer and start building some super cool Apps.

ASP.NET Developer

ASP.NET is a framework that has been designed for web development. It allows developers to build up dynamic websites, web applications and web services.

This is again one of the most popular jobs on the list, so if you feel that you have the learning skills to perform a job like this then you shouldn’t wait anymore and just apply for it.

Quality Assurance officer

The exact duties of a Quality assurance officer vary from industry to industry. However, in a nut-shell the main responsibilities include conducting a series of tests to ensure that the product meets the set standards and specifications.

Do you find this job description to be something that suits your appetite? If yes, then build up your career in this particular field.

Field Sales Executive

Though we live in the age of digital revolution but still word of mouth marketing has never lost its importance. Field sales still hold a lot of importance especially for products that people shy away from buying online.

This job is ideal for freshers who cannot sit for hours in a cubicle and also for the ones with great convincing powers.

Content Writer

Basically everything in today’s online world is based on the power of content. It is used for Search engine optimization and also to make articles with interesting stories go viral.

This job is not as easy as it sounds and you should apply for it only if you love to read and write.

SEO Analyst

Building up a website or an application is not the only thing which pushes online sales, appearance of the website in the first page of search engines is what actually triggers up the sales. And to bring the website in the top ranking of search engines, Search engine optimization (SEO) plays a major role.

This job is beneficial for the ones who would like to help business organizations boost-up their sales and create their brand’s presence in the online world.

JavaScript Developer

The basic work of a JavaScript developer is to implement the front end logic that defines the behaviour of the visual elements of a web application.

This job is good for freshers who take a lot of interest in technology and are inclined towards the technical field.

HR Executive

Human resource is the foundation of any organization and this fact makes the work of an HR executive important, interesting and laborious.

If you feel that you can figure out the right candidates for a particular job by conducting tests and interviews then this job is meant for you.

Network Administrator

A network administrator’s task involves keeping the organization’s computer network up-to- date and running smoothly. Any organization that uses multiple computers or software platforms needs a network admin to co-ordinate the systems.

If this job description sparks an interest in you then apply for this job, today.

Desktop Support Engineer

The job of a desktop support engineer involves assembling and installing the systems and keeping them up-to- date with security fixes and patches.

If you have sufficient knowledge about the hardware and software of the computer then you must go for this job.

Were you able to zero down on a career option after going through this list? If yes, then find the best jobs in your favourite field with the help of

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