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Indian youth dream of being a part of Multi-national corporations, and why shouldn’t they when MNC’s provide such good work environment and learning experience to its employees? It gives a platform to the youth of today to develop their skills and talents. Therefore, you will find freshers and experienced professionals always up for MNC jobs. Jobs in MNC companies also provide one with an expertise area where one can develop and build his career gradually. These days, MNC’s in India do not just look for experienced professionals but there are also many jobs in MNC companies for freshers. There are many MNC’s in our country that you can join but if you want to join the topmost organizations then just browse through the list of popular jobs in the top 10 MNC’s in India that we have listed for you today, and find the organization and the job which suits your skills. The companies listed by us are the top MNC’s in India and they without a doubt provide a fantastic growth opportunity to individuals.

Jobs: Project manager, Software engineer, Technical lead, Business analyst

Company: Wipro

Headquarters: Bangalore, India

Business: IT services and consulting

Employee strength: 173863+

Turnover: 7 billion US dollars


Wipro is one of the most renowned Information Technology companies based out of India. It provides a lot of on-site opportunities to its employees. So if you are looking forward to global exposure work wise, then you should definitely apply for a job here.

Jobs: Software engineer, Senior consultant, computer programmer

Company: IBM

Headquarters: New York, USA

Business: IT Technology, Cloud computing, Cognitive computing

Employee strength: 377757

Turnover: 81.74 billion US dollars


IBM operates in an astonishing 170 countries and also holds the record for most patents generated by a business for 23 consecutive years. A job with this organization shall teach you a lot about the result of working hard in life.

Jobs: Software engineer, Systems analyst, Technical lead

Company: ValueLabs

Headquarters: Hyderabad, India

Business: IT services and consulting

Employee strength: 5000+

Turnover: 40 million US dollars


ValueLabs is a global Indian based IT Services Company that is spread in 29 locations world-wide. Landing a job with this organization means a huge boost to your career path.

Jobs: Software engineer, Testing engineering analyst

Company: Dell Technologies

Headquarters: Round rock, Texas, USA

Business: Personal computers, servers, peripherals, smartphones, Televisions

Employee strength: 101800+

Turnover: 54.9 billion US dollars


Dell is a well-known organization is a diverse number of products namely PC’s, servers, smartphones, computer software as well as information security services. The company never fails to provide a fun-filled working environment to its employees.

Jobs: Software engineer, Systems engineer

Company: Tata Consultancy Services

Headquarters: Mumbai, India

Business: IT services and consulting, business solutions

Employee strength: 371519

Turnover: 16.54 billion US dollars


TCS is an Indian MNC and is a subsidiary of the Tata Group. It operates in 46 countries. It is one of the largest Indian companies by market capitalization and is also placed amongst the ‘Big 4’ most valuable IT services brands worldwide.

Jobs: Software engineer, SAP consultant

Company: Accenture

Headquarters: Dublin, Ireland

Business: Strategy, Consulting, Digital technology and Operations services

Employee strength: 384000

Turnover: 32.9 billion US dollars


Accenture is a Fortune Global 500 company with offices worldwide. Its employee strength in India is more than its employee strength in any other country. A job with this company means a bright future for every candidate.

Jobs: Software engineer, Test engineer

Company: Sasken

Headquarters: Bangalore, India

Business: Telecom research and development

Employee strength: 2500+

Turnover: INR 31.96 crore


Sasken communication technologies deals in providing research and development consultancy, wireless software products, software services and network engineering services to semiconductor manufactures and test and measurement companies. It was ranked as the second best company to work in India in 2005.

Jobs: Programmer analyst, Software engineer

Company: Cognizant

Headquarters: New Jersey, USA

Business: IT services and consulting, ITO, BPO

Employee strength: 255800

Turnover: 12.4 billion US dollars


In the year 2015 Fortune Magazine named Cognizant as the world’s fourth most admired IT services company. So if you want to build up your career in the field of IT technology then this is the company that you should consider starting your career with.

Jobs: Software engineer, Information Technology consultant

Company: Capgemini

Headquarters: Paris, France

Business: IT, business consulting, outsourcing services

Employee strength: 180639

Turnover: 11.92 billion US dollars


Capgemini operates in over 40 countries and is one of the most trusted brands to work with.

Jobs: Software engineer, Technical consultant, IT consultant

Company: Hewlett-Packard

Headquarters: California, USA

Business: IT Technology

Employee strength: 50000

Turnover: 57.3 billion US dollars


HP develops and provides hardware such as personal computers and printers. A job with this organization shall provide you with hands-on experience in the field of Information Technology.

Jobs: Software development engineer, operations manager

Company: Amazon

Headquarters: Seattle, Washington, USA

Business: E-commerce, Web hosting, content distribution

Employee strength: 268900

Turnover: 107 billion US dollars


We feel that Amazon started from humble roots needs to introduction. Its motto – work hard, have fun, make history – says it all.

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