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EN 66, 3rd Floor, Salt Lake City, Sector V, Kolkata 700091,West Bengal, India +91-33-40032103

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Capital Numbers Infotech Pvt Ld

At Capital Numbers, we use smart technology to power business initiatives across web, mobile and other digital media campaigns. Our highly experienced team draws on backgrounds in marketing, technology and social media to deliver programs that drive results. 

We work with StartUps, SMEs and to those companies that prefer to keep their technical team small or, sub-contract any overflow work that they cannot handle in-house. Companies looking to outsource often make a costly mistake of hiring freelancers which is bit of a hit-and-miss or, working with large consultancies which often do not deliver enough value. 

We engage small, smart teams for our clients who immerse themselves in clients business and help them focus more on their business objectives rather than worrying about or doing technical stuff. For all intents and purposes we function as client's extended team working from our development center in India. 

The company started in 2012 and in past 3 years we have grown to a team of 250 + full-time professionals working from under the same roof. We got clients across 4 different continents and the experience of working in over 800 different projects of varying complexity. Some of our clients include Harvard University, Duke University, Doosan, Ordina, Edelman etc. 

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Posted on : Aug. 18, 2017

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