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What we offer is a high quality, world class, design and engineering service. Our skills and expertise range from the creation of breath taking concepts, right down to the engineering nitty-gritty of tolerance stacks and cPk analysis'. We understand both sides of the product development process and we offer the best of both worlds. Our experience and strength lies in innovation; and with many of our designs being patented, or being adopted as the industry-standard, we can back that statement up! Another art-form that we are equally passionate about is web design. Most of us spend hours on the internet and our mission is to make the web a more beautiful place. Again, our strength lies in the fact that we are both designers and engineers, which means we can see the product right through from start to finish; resulting in a more wholesome, more functional, more beautiful, website.

Reach US Brunton Cross Rd, Ashok Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560025

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Bangalore internship Fresher 10000 March 25, 2016 Read More