Swarna Pragati Housing Microfinance Pvt. Ltd.
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Amuthalakshmi Villa, Plot 20, II Floor, Bhaskar Street, VGN Mahalakshmi Nagar, Ayanambakkam, Thiruverkadu, Chennai - 600 077

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The country faces an acute problem of housing especially in rural India, where millions lack access to housing finance on account of which families have to live in primitive (Kutcha) houses and demeaning conditions lacking access to sanitation, drinking water and above all a healthy living environment. It also makes them vulnerable to so many natural hazards like cyclones, floods and fire and causes annual setbacks to their economic condition and saving ability.

A decent habitat and shelter for the poorer sections of the society can not only contribute towards their well-being and real asset creation but also catalyse productivity and overall economic growth. It is thus critical to recognize housing investment as a basic, fundamental building block of economic activity. A permanent dwelling enhances the family’s pride and dignity. It gives them an identity and a genuine feeling of citizenship. A family without a safe and secure dwelling leads a life of acute depression with a constant feeling of abandonment and in constant fear of any natural calamity that could be just a moment away. Lack of shelter is the locus that continues to breed innumerable problems for those without a roof on their head – problems in the areas of health, education, family stability, livelihood and self-esteem.

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Posted on : Oct. 09, 2017

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