Network Orchestrators in Logistics Openings/Walkins

- Last Update On 22-January-2017

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  • 400000 to 500000



    Company Name, Profile, Work Culture: Every now and then there is a revolutionary product in the market that changes everything.


    With so many convenient technological innovations coming up to make personal life more Comfortable, we went out to create one common solution that could resolve at least one major Problem of the business community using the latest technology available today.


    The road transport industry or the logistics industry has been the most distressed industry for ages. It is one industry that connects all the industries with each other. It also means that all the Problems faced by this industry also has an effect on all the industries and hence the economy. Now how do we bring a revolution? How do we make people change who haven't changed for years? We needed a system that distributes the effect of revolution to all the members of the business community. We needed a system that will become an integral part of the business. We needed to ORGANIZE the industry. Therefore, we introduced three most important aspects to the industry, Security, Transparency and Reliability and used them to bond the industry to any Organization.

    Trip In Inc.


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