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- Last Update On 22-January-2017

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    • .NET Application Development with understanding of Generics, Multi-Threading, Asynchronous Programming, Synchronization Primitives
    • .NET Windows Forms Application Development, Development of SDI/MDI applications, Understanding of MVP/MVC design, Component based design
    • Data Access Technologies - ADO .NET, Entity Framework 6.0 +; Accessing data from SQL Server
    • Unit Testing in .NET with NUnit, Visual Studio Unit Testing or other frameworks
    • Knowledge of ASP .NET MVC 4, HTML5, JavaScript
    • Knowledge of Application Instrumentation to generate actionable logs
    • Working knowledge of Object Oriented Analysis and Design principles, SOLID design principles
    • Working knowledge of Test Driven Development (TDD) for Windows Applications
    • Knowledge of SQL Server, T-SQL
    • Knowledge of using Infragistics Controls for Windows/Web or any other 3rd party controls

    Good to have

    • Knowledge on Automated Unit Testing in .NET applications
    • Knowledge of creating installation modules for Windows/Web using framework
    • Knowledge of Performance Testing in Windows using performance counters
    • Knowledge of .NET Globalization/Localization
    • Gaining an in-depth understanding of the modules assigned in terms of their features, design, architecture and capabilities.
    • Analyzing new requirements / modifications as specified in the product backlog.
    • Delivering quality output.
    • Clearly articulating timelines for work assigned for the week.
    • Developing and testing the program/unit in the time projected.
    • Adhering to the following Processes and new Processes that will be introduced during the course of the year in the true spirit.
    • Daily Planning Sheet
    • Co-coordinating with testers to ensure that the program / unit developed is bug-free. 
    • Co-operating with the team leader especially in stressful situations, to ensure that the release is made on time and to the quality expected.
    • Imparting training to new joiners and colleagues.
    • Completing the Issue Completion Checklist by following the Checklists & Guidelines for Software Development & Testing.
    • Software Pre-Release and Post-Release Activities

    Key Skills:

    • Strong Communication Skills 
    • Interpersonal skills in building trustful relationships with peers are key to succeed. 
    • Self-motivated with a great ability to find solutions to complex problems. 
    • Analytical Skills
    • Time Management
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