Dana Growth India Pvt Ltd
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9, Union St, Shivaji Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560001

Company Description:

Dana Growth India Pvt Ltd is a financial advisory firm providing various financial services mainly trading into CFDs and commodity trading on Interantional platform.

  • We establish strong link between the investor and various global markets
  • We provide professional fianncial advisory service
  • We offer comprehensive market ananlysis 
  • We participate in shaping an investment plan
  • We demonstrate resonable amout of skills in fullfilling investors' need
  • We support our clients at every transaction in the market

Job opportunity for marketing and finance [0 - 3 Yrs] Dana Growth India Pvt Ltd Bangalore
Description :

The Job Description includes :

1) Client Acquisition

2) Portfolio Management( trading in currencies and …

180000 - 600000 P.A Posted on : May. 22, 2017