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 Iconwavetech We are a fast growing ISP and our rapid expansion opens up an array of employment opportunities for professionals at various levels. We are on look out for the right candidate to accelerate the growth of the company into the next gen. It is rightly said - "The joy of work is contained in two words - Excellence and Fun!" The ambience here helps one feel right at home. That is why Iconwavetech is considered a home away from home - a place where the latent creative talents and abilities of every individual is realized so effortlessly that excellence is now a built in trait of every insider.

There are excellent career opportunities for you to grow professionally and personally. We create an environment where people are given an opportunity to brainstorm and come up with innovative ideas that would change the lives of people around you. Thus, the work environment is professional, yet fun. If you like what we’re about and you have the right stuff click here to send us your resume.

Reach US ICONWAVE TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED, 2nd Floor,Plot No: 170/67/171, Balaji Empire, Patrika Nagar, Behind Cyber Towers, Hyderabad, Telangana 500080, Contact : 040-60121515 Email : info@iconwavetech.com Social Media

Waves-Tech Pvt.Ltd Job Posts

Job Title Job Location Job Type Skills Salary(p.a) Valid Till
Hyderabad walk-in PHP Not Specified May 8, 2016 Read More