Xebia IT Architects India Pvt Ltd
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Panathur Rd, Kodbisanhalli, Panathur, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560103

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Xebia IT Architects India Pvt Ltd

Xebia-is an international IT consultancy organization where craftsmanship and knowledge management are the key success factors. We offer a great place to work for true knowledge workers, with an inspiring work environment and colleagues to learn from. 

The company's mission is Authority. We strive to be the leading company in each of our target markets. Every employee directly contributes to the company mission. That is the foundation for our success. 
Xebia consists of specialized units that are coherent and complementary to each other. We grow organically, based on the passion and initiative of our highly experienced people, resulting in new business entities. We have a leading position in: - Agile business change management, Agile team coaching & training , Java and modern web application technologies , Enterprise Mobile , BigData Analytics and business solutions , Specialized outsourcing services on Java and Mobile , Continuous Delivery solutions including Middleware Platforms. 

Xebia IT Architects India Pvt Ltd Job Openings

Immediate Jobs for AWS and python developers [3 - 5 Yrs] Xebia IT Architects India Pvt Ltd Bangalore, Gurgaon
Description :
  • Can easily switch between scripting, functional and object oriented programming in Python or Scala.
    Work ...
Posted on : Jul. 06, 2017

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